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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Again & Again

Like every week I start by saying tomorrow.

I’ll do this tommorrow.

Well I’ll start my diet tomorrow because lately I’v been really lazy .

I only attend gym for boxing class which is completly insane but not enough to have real good result and relisea endorphins.. Natural and legalized drugs. Plus if I want to lose that belly , no more excuses.

But lately have been really hard at work but I ‘v to decide , commit & suceed.

That is ring a bell to you?

Yeah Beach Body.

I’v done it last year And  get good result with insanity. Am I ready to start all  over again?

Not that sure, for the moment as we are about to move to a new apartment.

But definetly I’ll hit the gym more often.

Today I had a bowl of strawberry for breakfast it was really refreshing just what i needed and a creamy capuccino.


Things gets ugly at Lunch when I had a cheese pizza with cucumber


What do you do to calm down and stop over-eating?